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A) Pre-School
(4-5 years old)
Accompanied by a parent and under the direction of a qualified coach, children will learn basic soccer skills through fun games, drills, and scrimmages in a non competitive environment. The main focus is skill development and fun.

B) Development
(6 to16 years old)
Players will further develop basic soccer skills through drills, and scrimmages in a non-competitive environment. The program consists of one game and one practice per week. The main focus is skill development, fun, and an appreciation of the game.

C) Competitive
(10 to 12 years old)
Players will compete in a fun, fair and safe soccer environment that is focused on providing high quality skill development that promotes good sportsmanship, respect for others, self-confidence, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle. Coaches will work with athletes to develop their skills to their full potential.
Players will compete against the best Ontario and Quebec soccer teams in tournaments such as the Icebreaker and The Kick in the Capital. Players will also compete against teams from Rockland, Hawkesbury and Ottawa on a weekly basis.

D) Adult Mixed Recreation
(17 years and older)
Players who are over 17 years old will participate in
recreation games against other recreation teams from Rockland, Hawkesbury, and Bourget. The main focus is fun and fitness